Despite continued challenges throughout the past year, enormous progress has been made across our association.

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During the Design stage of the Framework, a background paper was written as a foundation for the co-design work between the authors and the Project Reference Group. This companion document describes the outcomes from the review of the evaluation literature, which represents the literature available as of October 2020.

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We offer an extensive professional learning program – topics include: Evaluative thinking, Monitoring and evaluation, Program Logic, Program Theory, Applied Techniques, business of evaluation, First Nations cultural safety, cost-benefit analysis, visual storytelling, and many more.

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AES First Nations Cultural Safety Framework virtual workshops will be available for the evaluation community during 2022. They have been developed and will be delivered by Framework authors Sharon Gollan and Kathleen Stacey.

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Pandemic fatigue is very real and very normal, and it is absolutely understandable many of us are experiencing it due to the continued challenges of COVID-19. We have collated a range of resources that may assist.

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