How to submit your proposal

Call for proposals are now closed

Pre-conference workshop proposal template and submission instructions

Download the pre-conference workshop proposal template (Word document), complete and save on your computer. You will be asked to upload this document ("Choose File" button) as part of the online submission process.

DOWNLOAD the pre-conference workshop proposal template

Make sure that you follow the guidelines for pre-conference workshop proposals as listed here, in particular in relation to the abstract and justification statement before commencing the online submission process.

Submission deadline is 27 February 2016

Conference presentation proposal submission instructions

Submission deadline is 12 March 2016

To facilitate the process of your online submission of an abstract for review, the fields that you will be asked to fill in are listed below. Alternatively, download and print an annotated PDF file for your added convenience.

Note: Field names are in blue and bold.

Abstract Title

Maximum of 256 characters: Use sentence case. That is – capital letter for first word, proper nouns, and first word after a colon. For example: Evaluation: The state of play in Australia

Abstract (Text files only)

In this field you are required to include the following:

  • Your abstract (not more than 300 words)
  • Justification statement (not more than 300 words) Do not simply repeat what you have said in the abstract. This statement is for the reviewers only and will not be included in the conference booklet.

Note: ensure that there is no identifying information in your Abstract or Justification Statement


Choose the format of your presentation. Click here for information on presentation formats.

Theme 1

Choose the theme (strand) most appropriate to your presentation. Click here for information on themes.

No. Authors

Choose the number of authors for your presentation/paper (maximum 10)

Note: you will be required to fill in First Name, Last Name, Organisation, Country for each author. Please ignore the Affiliations field.

Are You Presenting the Submission?   




Main Contact:


The main contact email address 


Please type in a password and record it in a safe place for later reference.

Confirm Password

Type in the password exactly as you did above.


Ms, Miss, Mrs, Mr, Dr, Assoc Prof, Professor, and etc.

First Name

Your first, or given, name

Last Name

Your last, or family, name


Write N/A if you are not affiliated with an organisation


This field is optional


This field is optional


Fill in your address information


Your contact number


This field is optional



First Name

First, or given, name

Last Name

Last, or family, name


Write N/A is you are not affiliated with an organisation


Optional, please ignore

On-site registrations

aes16 online registrations are now closed but we will be taking conference registrations on-site. Please email for a registration form and bring it with you to the Registration Desk at Hyatt Regency, 99 Adelaide Terrace, Perth.

Key dates

Call for proposals (workshops & conference) – closed

Registration for Conference and pre-conference workshops – open

Last day for presentation acceptance
1 June 2016

Early bird registrations
close 30 June 2016

Online conference registrations
close 5 September 2016

Pre-conference workshops
17 and 18 September 2016

19, 20, 21 September 2016